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Remortgage conveyancing for a property

  1. Receive Instructions:

    We receive details of the remortgage and confirm your instructions to proceed.
    Your title deeds, if applicable, are requested from your existing lender.
    We obtain up to date copies of the deeds to your property from Land Registry.
    A redemption figure, if applicable, is obtained from your existing lender (s).
    We receive a copy of your mortgage offer.
    You send you and you complete and return the mortgage questionnaire and signed mortgage documentation.

  2. Set for Completion

    We will carry out a title check on the deeds to your property and resolve any issues that may be required to allow us to proceed to complete the mortgage.
    Once we are satisfied with the title and the above documents are received we will arrange a completion date and from your new lender.
    A Completion Date is provisionally agreed with your new lender.

  3. Completion Day

    We received funds from your new lender.
    We redeem any existing mortgages and lending on the property.
    Our fees are paid and any balance monies are sent to you.

  4. Post Completion

    On completion, the case is passed to our registration team who will register the interest of your new lender against your property at the Land Registry.
    Once registration has been completed at the Land Registry we will send you lender any relevant deeds they require and we will also send you a copy of the deeds.